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Explore the most compelling artists showcased at Zona Maco 2024 with Art Super magazine, your essential guide to top galleries at premier contemporary art fairs globally.

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We’re excited to share insights from the latest edition of Swab Radio at the Swab Art Fair in Barcelona.

Our studio had the privilege to cover the event, delving into the vibrant world of contemporary art through podcasts and live roundtable broadcasts.

At Swab Radio, we engage with both established and emerging figures in the contemporary art scene, tackling pressing issues and analyzing current trends. Whether you’re attending the fair or tuning in remotely, you can catch our discussions on Spotify and YouTube.

During our broadcasts, we explore various themes shaping the contemporary art landscape. From the dynamics of Latin American and Southeast Asian art scenes to the emergence of new voices and galleries in the Mediterranean, our roundtable discussions foster open dialogue and shed light on the connections and tensions within the art world.

By offering accessible and insightful content, our aim is to foster a deeper understanding of contemporary art and its challenges. Join us as we continue to promote authentic dialogue and exploration through modern distribution platforms.

On View

Transcending Boundaries. Micaela Piñero at UNA Galleria

UNA Gallery is pleased to present “Me ilumino de inmensidad,” marking the inaugural exhibition of Micaela Piñero (*1990 Buenos Aires) in Italy, curated by the gallery Constitución from Buenos Aires. Through a delicate web of symbols, Micaela unveils novel forms of expression, such as tears or raindrops, suspended bodies, moons and suns, flashes of light, and jewel-like insects.

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