Outer Space is the special project presented for our focus on Milan, a matter of exploration during the days of Miart: a space for discovery, experimentation and research on contemporary art, through ten projects proposed by ten of the most active project spaces in Italy. Gathered in ten housing units in FuturDome, in via Paisiello 6 Milan, the exhibition is drawn into the apparent void between cultural institutions and commercial galleries, to prove that this is not a vast absolute vacuum but a generative process of strong art reality. Outer Space is curated by Ginevra Bria with the artistic direction of Atto Belloli Ardessi. The project spaces follow different existing independent spaces models: Almanac (Turin / London), Current (Milan), Ice Dreams Ice (Bologna), The Dictateur (former interior FuturDome), Mega (Milan), Site Specific (Scicli ), T-space (Milan), Tile Project Space (Milan), Treti Galaxie (Turin) and UltraStudio (Pescara). From Milan to Bologna, from Pescara to Scicli, within physical or intangible urban spaces, the project spaces selected tests new territories anticipating the art market and promoting emerging artists through activities addressed to a particular audience, at specific times, filling a vacuum.
In FuturDome the independent spaces are decontextualised respect to their headquarters. They express the strength and the soundness of their inroads into the future of art, showing not only as a temporary reality able to grow and operate, but also capable to define the next generation of artists. Each of hosted spaces stands out for an idea, a personal approach to curatorship and a precise case-study. The experimental matrix is the character that marks each of the Outer Space entities: each one plays a vital role in the art system as a single element and therefore strongly independent. Outer Space brings together a limited number of project spaces, called to relate to each other in the same place. In a housing unit each independent space portrays the constellation of an organic community, through mutual proximity, the different contexts of reference, the points in common and those of distinction, as well as the adventure of a shared space. The exhibition explores, through original projects, allegorically and aesthetically, the matter of the Outer Space. A dimension that returns a broader view on the production and the individual searches that fill a vital galaxy, still unknown inside the Italian art system.

FuturDome.-Un-museo-che-si-abita-courtesy-Atto-Belloli-Ardessi-A-Septica-2016-1 (1)

Besides the curatorial tours offered to visitors, Diego Bergamaschi, collection specialist recognized because of its great attention to the views of the artist-run and curator-run Italian space, will cure the Special visiting tour, a series of guided visits at the invitation that will take place during the days of miart.
Furthermore, on the first floor FuturDome, Zinedine To Agreements cure an environmental talk entitled Refuge in Case of Tropical Storm, specifically designed for Outer Space. The agency will occupy an entire apartment to build a luminous landscape, a narrative indoor tropical garden, as a special area for visitors and as a reference one of knowledge of all ten project spaces.
The project is accompanied by a crowdfunding campaign in collaboration with the beartonline.com platform, a new opportunity to bring the public closer to the world of contemporary art. Among the benefits also offered the opportunity to have a copy of the precious tiles from the early ‘900 that formed the original flooring of FuturDome.
From an idea of one of the founders of the crowdfunding platform BeArt born BeAdvisors, an international independent firm with offices in London and in Milan with a broad spectrum of tax, legal and innovative consultancy services and a specific Department dedicated to the stakeholders of the art world. The first initiative that BeAdvisors will support through BeArt is Outer Space. 

Opening Monday, March 27, 2017, hours 18:00 to 22:00
Exhibition time Tuesday, March 28 to Thursday, April 15
FuturDome, via Paisiello 6, Milan

Curatorial Tour

Friday, March 31 at 17:30 / Saturday, April 1 at 17:30 / Sunday, April 2 at 15.30 / Saturday, April 8 at 17.30
RSVP ginevra.bria@isisuf.org