Andriu Deplazes, Untitled, 2016


One of these artists is Andriu Deplazes (*1993). A graduate in fine art from Zurich University of the Arts and this year’s winner of the Helvetia Art Prize, he presented his latest works in a one-man exhibition. It was prepared with the curatorial support of Olivier Kaeser, Co-Director of the Centre culturel suisse in Paris. Andriu Deplazes will display his latest works at the LISTE, which were created in his studio in Brussels, where he lives and works. Born in 1993, Andriu Deplazes has a degree in fine art from Zurich University of the Arts. His artistic interests lie in figurative painting. Naked, strangely androgynous bodies are forlornly set in heavenly or apocalyptic landscapes. With their ambiguous expressions and bald heads, these curious figures seem repulsive but also poignant. In his large-scale canvases, Andriu Deplazes consciously makes allusions to art history and yet creates his own very personal imagery. His skilful approach to composition and his bold and distinctive artistic stance are striking. In his painting, Andriu Deplazes works skilfully with art historical references while creating his own, very personal imagery. His pictures exude an original sensuality, androgynous bodies with ambivalent facial expressions move in paradisiacal or apocalyptic landscapes. This human species, derived from painting, arouses empathy, curiosity and a sense of estrangement all at the same time.