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Bartomeu Sastre Galería Fran Reus

Bartomeu Sastre, Dreams are super real. 2019, Galería Fran Reus

Bartomeu Sastre was born in Palma de Mallorca, in 1986, he graduated in Fine Arts – University of Barcelona and he has a postgraduate degree in scriptwriting and production of comedy programs for radio and television Blanquerna – Universitat Ramon Llull. Bartomeu lives and works in Barcelona.

He has participated in various group exhibitions such as Tabula Rasa (curated by Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta and Pau Waelder, Es Baluard, Palma de Mallorca, 2014), Quemados por el sol (Lundgren Gallery, Palma de Mallorca) or 15 pieces in 3 acts (curated by Zaida Trallero, Eduardo Hurtado and Rosa Lleó, Sant Andreu Contemporani, Barcelona 2011).

Some of his individual exhibitions are Ensayo para un monólogo improvisado (Fran Reus Gallery, Palma, 2018) or La voluntad (The will) (Palma, 2014), in Box 27 of the Casal Solleric and curated by Tolo Cañellas. He has also made several performances, including Ensayo para un monólogo improvisado at SWAB Barcelona Contemporary Art Fair (2018). Under the name Angélique Pailler ((/( (collective formed with Clara Arbona), Everyday Practice stands out, curated by Ana Jehle (LAB Artists Unlimited. Bielefeld, Germany, 2016) and The intervening space between two points or things (CCA Andratx, 2015). He has also carried out joint projects with Marcos Cuesta under the name Cuesta-Sastre, such as We are the new slaves (within the cycle Financial Crimes. Poéticas en la era del colonialismo financiero curated by Ivan Mejía, Sala Montcunill, Terrassa, 2013).

He has carried out several educational workshops, among which his participation in the programme Zona intrusa 12: Prendre la paraula curated by Rita Andreu stands out. He has also worked in the educational department of the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró (Mallorca, 2011-2013).

He has won competitions such as Art Jove organised by the Govern Balear (Mallorca, 2012) and has received grants such as the Guasch Coranty Foundation (Barcelona, 2010). 

Kerstin Pfefferkorn Bark Berlin Gallery

Kerstin Pfefferkorn, Boy with cross 2020, Bark Berlin Gallery

Kerstin Pfefferkorn was born in Chemnitz, in 1973, she studied  graphic design, painting, HGB Leipzig, class of Prof. Arno Rink, Lithography grant, Steinwerk, in Leipzig. Kerstin lives and works in Leipzig.

She has participated in various group exhibitions such as SIRENS, Leipziger Volksbank, Leipzig; After the picture is before the picture. 75 female painters from Leipzig; ROTLIEGEND, Saxon State Parliament, Dresden, with Mandy Kunze; _BEST ON! Review of 5 years of steinwerk_lithographie_symposium, Munich; Summer on the balcony, Antje Wachs Gallery, Berlin.

Alice Quaresma Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

Alice Quaresma, Clash, 2020, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

Alice Quaresma was born in Brazil in 1985, she lives in New York and has a curriculum with a super number of awards, invitations, residency programs and special projects, as the Foam Talent Prize in Amsterdam. Alice won in 2018 the Caixa Cultural national open call (São Paulo, Brazil) with her first art institution solo exhibition. Alice was selected as one of PS122 Exhibition Prize winners during that same year and she had her MFA from Pratt Institute in 2009.

Alice participates in residency and exhibitions programs in Europe, South America and USA since 2006. She’s created commissioned projects for Air France, Hermès, Samsung, Première Vision, Red Bull, Music from Memory and Unseen.

Sofie Švejdová Karpuchina Gallery

Sofie Švejdová, Cactus Boy, Karpuchina Gallery

Sofie Švejdová was born in Chemnitz, in 1990, she graduated at the Academy of Arts and Crafts in Prague – Painting Studio of Stanislav Diviš and Jiří Černický.

Sofie Švejdová is a personality who challenges the clichés about female painting with her directive and lively painting style. She tends towards abstract expression, and her expressive handwriting has at times a certain amount of ironic distance, and at other times an admittedly deep inner fervor. Motifs, identifiable with reality, are for Sofia only a pretext for a duel with colour and the emergence of winning chords in a dynamic composition. Although she focuses primarily on large-scale painting, the haptic impression of densely applied paint and the occasional, deliberate undulation of the canvases pushes the impression of her paintings to the spatial object.

She has participated in various solo exhibitions such as + 50 C, Pragovka gallery, Pop up, Prague; Sofie Švejdová | Andreas Schmitten, Jiri Svestka Gallery, Prague; 9058, Atrium Žižkov, Prague; Big Hug Mug / TV series paintings, Jiri Svestka Gallery, Berlin.

Magda Starska Lectwo

Magda Starska , Fiery mud 2020, Lectwo

Magda Starska was born in 1980, she Lives and works in Poznań. Author of drawings, performances, and installations.  In 2005 she graduated from the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts (a diploma with distinction under Professor Jarosław Kozłowski and Professor Stefan Ficner). At the turn of 2007/2008, she set forth on a half-year trip to study the culture of South America. She has been a member of the Penerstwo group (alongside with Piotr Bosacki, Wojtek Bąkowski, Konrad Smoleński, Radosław Szlaga, Tomasz Mróz and Iza Tarasewicz) since 2008. In 2010, Starska received a scholarship from the Budget of the Minister of Culture and Arts and in 2014, the Young Poland scholarship. Student of Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies at UAP in Poznań, where she has been working in the Intermedia Department since 2016. Author of many national and international exhibitions as well as social and performative projects.

In all aspects of her creative activity – from performance, through painting, to sculpture, Magdalena Starska discusses the coexistence of the animated and the lifeless. She places humanity in the position of a species, reintroducing it into the chain of material, codependent entities. In her paintings and drawings, the artist fantasizes and imagines a completely new reality. She is interested in the edges of human relationship with what we refer to as nature. Her numerous and diverse drawings contain a certain regularity, repetitive motifs – mycelia, cocoons, hatching and metamorphosis of various creations and creatures. There are peculiar entities that are both something and nothing, like old, pagan fantasies filled with vitality and movement. Starska creates her own mythologies, mixing legends, fairy tales and random images with fragments of experiences and memories, saturating the blend with a sense of primeval fears. In her drawings, plants and animals sometimes represent specific species, and, other times, convert into hybrid creatures which merge with common objects, plants, mushrooms and stones to create strange beings. People are never just people – their silhouettes are either too small or too big. They’re caricatures, as if formed from clay. In Starska’s drawings, there is a sense of intuition not only in what they present, but also in their composition – they are often placed on the side or at the bottom of the page. Drawing appears to be unplanned, the images happen upon the artist rather than being deliberately created. Starska’s works are the complete opposition of modernity and normalization: organic matter overgrows the edges and boundaries, plants crawl into all available gaps. All beings in these drawings form a mutually interconnected world, a community in defiance of the individualistic, unsatisfied system of neoliberal consumption. In her drawings, the artist revives the world of things we perceive to be dead: she finds ways for human and non-human beings to coexist in symbiosis, People are overgrown with moss, their limbs change into stalks, stones and shells receive human faces, and some hybrid creatures completely transcend the division into human and non-human, being this and the other, like an optical illusion – we are never certain of their textures, weight and their state.

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