Micaela Pinero was born in the province of Buenos Aires. Artist, writer, goldsmith and teacher Micaela Pinero holds a degree in Visual Arts from the National University of La Plata, FBA. In 2001 she began her training in painting with Vasily Tretiakov and in 2015 in jewelry making with Héctor Ruíz and Juan Carlos Pallarols. Micaela has attended courses with Marina De Caro and Leila Tschopp and in 2019 with Pablo Siquier, Juliana Iriart and Alejandra Aguado. She held workshops with Rosario Bléfari, Diana Aisenberg, Ana Longoni, Silvia Gurfein, Claudia Del Rio, Francisco Garamona, Jose Luis Landet, and Kenneth Goldsmith. She was a scholarship fellow of the Center for Artistic Research Program in 2017.

Micaela Pinero, Mirando por la ventana los ángeles me hablaro, Art Super Acquistion and Constitucion Galeria

The work of Micaela Pinero Mirando por la ventana los ángeles me hablaron was acquired in October 2021 from the collection Art Super Acquistion

Micaela participated in poetry shows and recitals in Argentina, Chile, United States, Mexico and Germany. She published Los Fanzines Desde Adentro (2011), Siempre hay un vacío (2011), Ofrenda (2013), Transformaciones (2014) and Abundancia (2016). In 2012 she founded the poetry collective Las Pibas. Her poems were published in the anthology of poetry Van llegando (Mansalva, 2017), Anthology of Argentine, Austral and dangerous poets (Cohuína, CDMX, 2018) and in Universidad de la Violencia (Mansalva, 2018). She received the scholarship of the Ministry of Culture of the Nation (2017) and the Radar Literature Award (2017 and 2018).

Micaela Pinero
Un caballo

In 2017 she participated in the call for writers of The Bienal Arte Joven Buenos Aires and she was also selected in the call for Visual Artists with her work Lucha. In 2019 she’s been selected in The Bienal Arte Joven Buenos Aires with her project, llevame a conocer el océano.

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