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more works: Paris Essex

Paris Essex is renowned for creating crazy, cosy handcrafted blankets using combinations of hand and machine techniques. Founded by Carolyn Clewer, the Essex girl and Parisienne, Tiphaine de Lussy, Paris Essex is the result of years of collaboration between the two knitwear and textiles specialists, who first met over 20 years ago at the Royal College of Art in London .
The partnership has a long history rooted in fashion, with an archive including knitwear and accessory collections and collaborations. They share a visual language and are drawn to the materials, processes and pace of fashion, the continual reinvention and juxtaposition of ideas.
Paris Essex creations are available for sale, by commission or through collaboration. Every piece is unique and unrepeatable, carefully conceived and hand-crafted in London. Inspired by the daily juxtapositions of playful fantasy and strange reality in London life and childhood memories; carnivals, markets , characters, posters and art. The colours are vibrant and bold, creating a spectrum of primaries, neons and offbeat pastels. Luxury wools, merino, mohair, alpaca and lambswool make friends with synthetics, ribbon, eyelash and chenilles.



(b.1982, Zrenjanin, Serbia) working and living in Milan, Italy

more works: Aleksandra Erdeljan 

The basis for Aleksandra’s most recent work is the multilayered significance of introspection. Without any clear destination, the artist embarks on the travel inside her own mind in the search of liberating the deeply rooted parts of herself. As the hidden parts of the character emerge on the surface of the conscious they are swiftly transfered on the piece of paper in the form of lucid and translucent portraits in an attempt to immortalise them before they disapear again into the unknown. Blue color dominates the spectrum of color shades, as it gives the most accurate description of the state of mind the artist finds herself in during the unreveiling of the long forgotten and deeply buried parts of the mind.




(b.1987, Milan, Italy) Working and living in Munich, Italy

more works: Federico Delfrati

Federico Delfrati, born 1987, is an italian visual artist from Munich. After completing a BA in Communication Design at the Politecnico University in Milano, he graduated with merit at the Akademie der Bildende Künste München. His project-based artistic production revolves around the attempt to visualize the constant flux of natural and cultural patterns (that host and shape our social and individual lives since thousands of years) and tries to frame their overwhelming complexity between ephemeral boundaries of interpretation. Through different mediums that encompass Video, Performance, Multi-media Installation, his works pose questions such as: what does it mean to be human within and without established cultural and socio-political constructs? How did we discover (or invent) our values as a species and in which direction are we using them to form/deform the space around us? Delfrati’s projects depict an image of humanity in the face of Nature that is vulnerable and manipulative, humble and megalomaniac, curious and naive.


Art Super space, Nelson Vega, Frieze, 2018

(b.1988, San Salvador, El Salvador) Working and living in Milan, Italy

more works: Nelson Vega 

Nelson Vega was born in 1988 in San Salvador, El Salvador. He lives and works in Milan. After a degree at the Veterinary College USAM, he studied photography at the Academia de Artes Visuales AAVI, Mexico City and he started to work as a commercial photographer. Nelson Vega’s interest lies in mapping emotional landscapes hidden by social or cultural elements, everyday objects able to hide emotions and personalities. The object makes the figure belong to a stable econmic space. A strong and impenetrable physical structure, similar to a sculpture, if not through the look that remains independent from the object. He places the female figure and its connection through a formal tale, between colors and objects that tell the social structure she belongs to. He explores personal experiences, carefully recording their choreography, making invisble the space between internal experience and outward performance.



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