Pieter Vermeersch, Untitled, 2016, Galerie Perrotin

Born in Kortrijk in 1973, Pieter Vermeersch has been described as one of Belgium’s leading artists. While predominantly exhibiting in his home capital of Brussels, his personal interpretations of abstraction have also been presented at private and public galleries internationally, including Team Gallery, New York, ProjecteSD, Barcelona and Galerie Perrotin, Paris. Vermeersch is an artist who attempts to convey and question via a certain lack thereof. Through his large-scale monochrome paintings, he strives to harness the unseen influence of the minimal, and in so doing sees himself inducted into a long-lasting and long-celebrated artistic ideology. Behind a pure abstraction lays a concealed realism. The composition process involves Vermeersch taking photographs of skies at sunrise or sunset, at the delicate moment of changing light that occurs when the sun falls below the horizon, printing the photographs in negative and then meticulously replicating them in paint.

Galerie Perrotin