Dialogue / Monologue


Valerio Nicolai, Il Festeggiato, 2019, Clima 

Valerio Nicolai is an Italian artist born in Gorizia and living in Milan. In 2011, he received a scholarship from the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice. He has exhibited in numerous galleries and institutions, as Clima Gallery, Milan, Treti Galaxie, Turin, Italy and in 2015, he was part of SHIT AND DIE, an exhibition produced by Artissima Turin and curated by Maurizio Cattelan.

Nicolai tempts the limits of pictorial composition, extending it beyond known limits through his installations that constantly question their structure. Working with different mood, characters, objects and stories, Nicolai creates visual narratives of clay, taxidermy and live birds, and thick oil on canvas., exploring the limits of pictorial space, extending its facilities to wrap the surrounding space in fields of shapes, structures and colors.  

The material contain its own story and his artworks emerge as the result of an exchange between the artist and his creation. Touch, gesture and movement and the work of art itself are Nicolai’s main focus.