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The third part of the project DEBRIS? DETRITI of Sergio Racanati flies for the first time in South America, Argentina, starting from Buenos Aires in order to discover the local communities. Through the artistic residence he continues its artistic path with the creation of a new film whose research covers public topics like the political behaviors of the communities and the relationships between individual and collective memory. He uses several languages as performances, situations, installations, videos and films. In its work the dialectic practice of citizens becomes the protagonist of the process of shaping institutions and art itself, in this case through a special film directed by the artist.

A.S. How was your arrival in Buenos Aires? Had you already experienced living in South America?

S.R. I arrived in Buenos Aires and was welcomed with sun and warmth. I arrived at 8 in the morning and it was 22 degrees. It was a wonder of wonders. It is my first time living in South America, or better yet, Latin America.

A.S. The second part of the DEBRIS/DETRITI project was designed right here, starting from Buenos Aires to explore archaic regions of Argentina: What is the difference between this and the first part of the project? Places and encounters.

S.R. DEBRIS? DETRITI is a long-term vision, a true and real project of artistic research. The stop in Buenos Aires was made possible thanks to the art prize called “Officina Italiana” by Massimo Scaringella, which has allowed me to continue to look into the matter tied to the Global South. The differences between the first part of the project, carried out in Palermo at the time of the residency “Living Room” by Spazio Y during the period of Manifesta 12, are substantially tied to the specificity of the locations and to the community that lives in and defines the territoriality. Magic places, unthinkable places, remote places, elusive places, places of adventure, places of pain, and places of wonder. Countless encounters, encounters of community, encounters with artists, encounters with collectors, encounters with museum directors, encounters with charity directors,
close encounters, unexpected encounters, encounters with taxi drivers, encounters with bus drivers, encounters with shoemakers, encounters with fruit vendors, encounters at dinner while awaiting a course.

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A.S. What is the reaction of the community with which you got in touch with?

S.R. My getting in touch with the community is an empathetic process of invisible energy exchange, an exchange of opportunity for dialogue, of construction of knowledge, of crossover, of listening to one another who each live in a determined territory. The reactions have all been positive. Each encounter has been a moment of relationship building and a precious piece of the inner research of the project DEBRIS/DETRITI that arises as ethnographic observatory of the contemporary.

A.S. Your first discoveries on the second part of the project?

S.R. It’s amazing to get to speak about my first discoveries! I have just returned to Italy a few hours ago… In my opinion they have all been first discoveries. Every discovery represents and has its own uniqueness. They have all been discoveries made through energy flows, channels of super visible connection and outside of any guidebook- which I have never used in my life and never will-. I pushed myself to go to the north of Argentina, near the border of Chile, Peru, Bolivia, in search of indigenous populations. I crossed the salt desert in Salinas Grandes and the Calilegua Jungle accompanied by only the sounds of the birds, the wind and perhaps some other mammals who didn’t let themselves be seen. They are very wonderful experiences when done alone. I was truly alone inside the power of nature. But mankind is destroying it second by second. This project brings to light once more these existential, political and social dichotomies.

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A.S. Buenos Aires experience: Institutions, artists and curators: would you like to speak to us about them?

S.R. The DEBRIS/DETRITI project has collected a strong interest on behalf of the institutions, museums, and curators. The findings of the residence were present at the CCK on Saturday, December 8th, a very prestigious cultural institution run by Gabriela Urtiaga_ section of visual arts who demonstrated quite a bit of interest in the artistic research and the completed project.

Art super Global south

Sergio Racanati was born in Bari, Italy, in 1982 and He lives and works between the north and south of Italy and in several Artistic Residency all over the world. He graduated at the European School of Design (Milan).