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Iabadiou Piko | Orbital Dago


Iabadiou Piko, Meruang Dalam Jarak, 2016 , Orbital Dago

Iabadiou Piko is an artist from Prabumulih, South Sumatera, Indonesia. He studied at Academic Design of Vision Yogyakarta Department ( ADVY ) 2005, Majoring in Art Photography. Self taught learning in painting. He lives and works in Yogyakarta. He has had solo exhibition in Bandung and have participated in selected group exhibition in Yogyakarta, Semarang, Solo, Padang, Jakarta and Surabaya Indonesia. He has had Transit #3 Residency at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space Bandung and Luzhunan Historical House, Miaoli, Taiwan.

His works speak on the free association and intuitive mind of daily memories, behaviour, personal feelings, the perception of reality and human transformation. Inspired by doodle, lines, images, impression of forms, shapes, colors and environments.

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