At the closure of the last Miart edition and after the Art Super Collectors Guide dedicated to the most interesting galleries and worth collecting artists, Art Super features three interviews with the most compelling figures of contemporary art and design, plus a special focus on the relationship between Miart, Contemporary Art and its sponsors.



In this issue

On Tuesday April, 24th 2018

A Gentil Carioca: when Rio takes the world

Inteview with Elsa Ravazzolo, Director of the brasilian contemporary art gallery A Gentil Carioca

This year Miart has seen the presence of section Generations by Lorenzo Benedetti, Curator for Contemporary Art of the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen.

He invited two galleries with the aim to build a dialogue between two artists from two different generations in the same stand, collaborating on a single exhibition project. Art Super decided to dedicate to A Gentil Carioca and the artist Jarbas Lopes the best position in our collector’s guide. We have talked to Elsa Ravazzolo, the gallery’s director, discussing not just the Miart project, but also their achievements and changes in near future.




On Wednesday April, 25th 2018

Teresa Margolles: a plan for delicacy

Inteview with Diego Sileo, Curator of PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea

Until May, 20th PAC, Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea in Milan presents the solo show of Teresa Margolles, a Mexican artist living and working between Mexico City and Madrid. Particularly prone to crude realism, her works bear witness to the complexities of contemporary society, weakened by an alarming violence that is tearing the world, and especially Mexico, into pieces. In a brief but intense dialogue with the curator of PAC, Diego Sileo, we want to investigate with a profound sight the work of Teresa Margolles, the relationship between her works and the public and the connection with the curator personality.




On Thursday April, 26th 2018

Nucleo: To the moon and back with Driade

Inteview with Piergiorgio Robino , Founder of Studio Nucleo

Italian furniture brand Driade has worked for its 50th anniversary with Studio Nucleo to transform some of its most iconic pieces into 3D-printed versions fit for future life on the moon . Piergiorgio Robino with Studio Nucleo reinterpreted four of Driade’s bestselling designs by Naoto Fukasawa, Philippe Starck and Italian artist and furniture designer Enzo Mari, asking him what will outdoor design look like on the moon.