Top 5 | KIAF 2018


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Xavier Veilhan, Manfredi, 2018, 313 Art Project

French, b. 1963, Lyon, France, based in Paris, France. Xavier Veilhan’s sculptural interventions are bold and transfixing, while complementing existing architecture and altering how viewers look at their surroundings. His “Architectones” series pays tribute to Kasimir Malevich’s “Architectons,” three-dimensional models that blend architecture with philosophy. In “Architectones,” Veilhan installed sculptures in celebrated, modernist homes; each work was unique to the setting and placed in dialogue with the building’s architecture. A sixty-foot bust of Le Corbusier was set atop the architect’s Cité Radieuse in Marseille, for example. Through faceted, distorted shapes, Veilhan’s structures capture energy by revealing the movement surrounding them. In 2009, Veilhan’s work was displayed in the Palace of Versailles and its surrounding gardens, juxtaposing traditional architecture against minimalist, futurist-inspired sculpture, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the former.

313 Art Project


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Peter Demetz, Trasparenza 1, 2017, Gallery LEE & BAE

Born in Bolzano, Italy. He currently lives and works in Ortisei. After finishing his studies at the Institute of Art in Ortisei, Peter Demetz spent a lot of time as apprentice with Heinrich Demetz and got his masters degree in Sculpture in 1993.

The sculptor has participated in several exhibitions both in his home country, Italy, and abroad. He is considered one of the most interesting contemporary sculptors and he has been supported by such relevant organizations as the Swarovski Design Center, Wattens, LKJ – Sachsen Leipzig and the Daetz-Centrum of Lichtenstein. Demetz’s installations capture the unique gestures and postures of his characters. Men are usually large, bald and very masculine. The women are represented to the smallest detail, emphasizing their femininity, their complements, their hair and their clothes.

Demetz’s works allow the viewer to understand the soul, the essence of the figure represented, which is what the sculptor wants to show. He captures innate but mundane moments during which the true nature of existence is contemplated. The figures are usually focused from behind, and there is no visual contact between the character and the viewer. That way, it seems that the figures are trapped in their own world, although they are aware that they are being observed.

Gallery LEE & BAE



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Asagi Natsume, Acceleration, 2013, Gallery Tsubaki

Asagi Natsume was born in 1971 in Tokyo, Japan. In 1998, she completed the masters program at Tama Art University and currently lives and works in Tokyo. This artist was discovered by our gallery owner who was fascinated by her work.

Her paintings often depict imaginary solitary women. They have a great depth as she delicately layers many colors leaving the viewer with a sense of atmospheric forms which change in the light. Her drawings hover between the outer and inner vision of the world, like ghosts, and the viewer might feel something special.

Gallery Tsubaki



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Seungcheol Ok, Matador, 2018, Gallery Kiche

Seungcheol Ok, born in 1988, lives and works in Seoul, Korea. Education: BFA_Dept. of Western Painting, College of Arts, Joong-Ang University. Solo Exhibition: Gallery Kiche, Seoul, Korea (TBA), 2018.

Selected Group Exhibition: Immersion vs Balance, 2017, Gallery Kiche, Seoul, Korea; A Boy Be Myth, 2017, Space K, Daegu, Korea; 100 Albums 100 Artists, 2017, Lotte Avenuel Arthall, Seoul, Korea.

Gallery Kiche


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Carole A. Feuerman, Next Summer, 2014, Galerie Bhak

American, b. 1945, based in New York, NY, USA. A pioneer of hyperrealist sculpture, Carole Feuerman aims to create visual manifestations of the inner balance and beauty of women, though is perhaps best known for her large-scale sculptures of swimmers. “Swimming and water have fascinated me for as long as I can remember, and as a result, have become the essence of my inspiration for my pieces,” she has said. Feuerman has spent the last four decades sculpting monumental, life-sized, and miniature works in bronze, resin, and marble. Her labor-intensive sculptures involve working on the piece both in wax and bronze, later applying multiple coats of primer and paint in the foundry, and finishes in the studio.

Galerie Bhak